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Klaviyo only supports sending SMS messages to 5 countries–but integrate Oporoo and SMS anyone around the world, directly from your Klaviyo flows.
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Send SMS to anyone in 200+ countries

Integrating Oporoo + Klaviyo = as easy as 1, 2, 3

Create your flow

Create automation flows in Klaviyo like you normally would. Then use Oporoo to send SMS by simply creating a new Webhook.

Setup your SMS

Create your SMS template in Oporoo and include any personalized tag from Klaviyo (first name, age, order value, etc.).

Connect template with flow

Oporoo will automatically generate the unique code snippet you need to connect your SMS template with your Klaviyo flow.

And that's it!


Keep track of SMS message performance straight from the Oporoo dashboard. Easily monitor number of sends, unique clicks and sales  generated*.

Say hello to your new #1 revenue channel.

Grow your audience

Expand the list of subscribers who want to hear from you.

Stop paying the Facebook and Google tax every time you want to connect with your customers. Create a second valuable marketing channel that you own, besides email marketing.
Increase sales

Convert more visitors into shoppers.

Our deep integration with Klaviyo means you can use SMS for a wide range of marketing campaigns to generate more sales.
Retain your (best) customers

Become less dependent on email marketing to maximize LTV of your customers.

Use SMS marketing to connect with your customers and prospects at key moments in their buyer journey.

Not sure how to get started with SMS marketing? We’re here to help!

How to get started

Step-by-step walkthrough of how to set things up in Klaviyo and your online store.
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7 SMS marketing tips 

Various tips and tricks to get you on your way and start seeing great results from your SMS marketing efforts.
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Case studies

See how other online retailers have been able to leverage SMS marketing to boost their sales.
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Optimize payments

Add your customers’ preferred way of paying in 135+ currencies.

Grow your revenue

Create an account in minutes and start using SDKs to securely accept payments.

Work on the go

Accept payments in your iOS or Android app using our mobile SDKs.

Put security first

Increase authorisation rates on every payment using machine learning and AI.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have doubts? Here's everything we think you should know.

How many different countries can we use Oporoo to send SMS messages to?

Over 200 countries.

Does Oporoo also sync data back to Klaviyo?

Yes! Key data such as which message was sent, at what time, if we registered a click and any unsubscribes will be synced back to your Klaviyo account. That way you can keep using Klaviyo to create the very powerful and versatile segments you are already accustomed to.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes! You can try out Oporoo for free for up to 7 days, no credit card needed. Build as many templates as you like and send SMS messages to your own phone number to test out our platform. The trial ends either after 7 days or as soon as you want Oporoo to start broadcasting messages to your customers/newsletter subscribers.

Does Oporoo support SMS conversations?

The idea of a SMS conversation is that anyone you send a text message to using Oporoo can reply to it and kick off a real conversation. At the moment Oporoo does not yet support SMS conversations. It is a priority feature so please message us if you want to be the first to test it out once we add this capability.

Can I include URLs in SMS templates in Oporoo?

Yes. We will automatically convert any URL into a short URL (to help reduce the number of characters), including any UTM codes you want to include.

Can I use Oporoo to send MMS messages?


How does Oporoo integrate with my flows in Klaviyo

First we need to establish an API connection with your Klaviyo account (we will walk you through the process, it is done in 30 seconds). Then you can create whatever SMS template you want to use and integrate these in whatever flow you’re building. Simply select the Webhook and paste in the unique code snippet that our App will generate for you, and hey presto! Oporoo will start to send out the SMS messages in line with the schedule defined in your flow.

Can we also use Oporoo to send one-off SMS campaigns?

Not yet but we are close to releasing this feature (it should be live by late February). 1.The way this would work is: 2. You select the subscribers list (synchronized from Klaviyo) 3. Define any excluded audience (synchronized from Klaviyo) 4. Select an existing SMS template or create a new one in Oporoo 5. We calculate the cost of sending all the messages 6. You can launch your campaign

Start growing your sales by levering the powers of SMS marketing, directly from your Klaviyo flows

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